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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  December 5, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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of this. they're gonna get bored and move on eventually. -- captions by vitac -- our nation has lost its greatest son >> now at 7:00, the world mourns the passing of nelson mandela, a look back a at his visit that brought people together. >> and the entire bay area, a freeze warning and rain on the way. >> and one neighborhood on alert. eight homes burglaried in a matter of weeks. the common thread police found in each case.
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. bay area braces for another night with temperatures in the teens in some cases. good evening, i'm gasia mikaelian. parts of the bay area that includes record lows. martin will tell us if rain will be coming in the picture. drivers are warned of dangerously slick roads. and in walnut creek, there was some black ice. >> freezing temperatures at the height of the morning commute turned the road to ice. >> my wife hit black ice. >> fortunately, dennis stack is a professional driving instructor. >> she did what she was supposed to do, off the gas, off the brake. she was scared but through it in seconds. >> many unprotected plants in
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the did i ablow -- diablo valley. luckier ones like these were covered. hard frost alerted this salon owner lisa skinner. >> it was chilly. every client -- i lit candles to sort of warm up the place. >> many people, even this afternoon bundled up. >> it's the coldest i can remember it here, but i'm from colorado and my 80-year-old mother said it was 13 below. >> in walnut creek, john fowler. in san jose, the first two planes that took off had to be deiced before they could be cleared for ice, same story in oakland. and we've got some very cool temperatures coming our way. last night, more record low temperatures, 26 degrees in kenfield. we tied our record in san
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francisco in 40 degrees. you're going to see temperatures mostly in the, you know, 40s for the most part. overnight lows are going to be much cooler. i'm going to talk about these forecast overnight lows, which are going to be where they are last night and then a chance of showers. the frigid weather is prompting farmers to keep an eye on their citrus crops. a risk of freezing, citrus and avocado crops are vulnerable to the a arctic air. they won't know the economic impact on the citrus industry in california for several days to come. go to on tonight's severe weather alert. within the hour, a health advisory was lifted near a pittsburgh chemical tank at k 2 pure solutions on love ridge road. there was a chance it could leak, but the tank has been
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emptied. people of in one mile were advised to stay in doors but that advisory has been lifted. happening now, mourningers are holding vigil for nelson mandela. the leader died today, dancing, praying, and shedding tears. outside his home in joe hannis burg -- jahannesburg where it is mourning. he died peacefully with his family by his side. >> our nation has lost its greatest son. our people have lost a father. >> nelson mandela was many things to south africans. probably most importantly, he was their antiparti leader and
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one of the countless millions inspired by nelson mandela. >> we've lost one of the most influential, courageous and profound beings that many of us will share the world with. he was the face of hope and strength for millions and the most celebrated political prisoner of the 20th century. we'll take a look at the prolific life of nelson mandela. >> this is the most recent, 94, surrounded by children and grandchildren. he's the father of the nation. mandela was born in 1918 raised by african no ability and set up the first black law firm. he joined the african congress. in 1960, police opened fire on thousands of black protestors in
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sharpville township. 69 people were died, including ten children. >> there are many people who see it, that it is useless for us to continue talking peace and nonviolence against the government, is on these attacks. >> the anc was out lawed and in 1964, mandela was sentenced to life in prison, attempting to over throw the government. imprisoned on robbins island, he became a powerful symbol of resistance. he was released from prison in 1990 and emerged as the face of the antiapart i'd movement. he appeared before a standing room crowd at the oakland
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colosseum. >> it is you, the people of oakland, the people of the bay area, who have given me and my delegation strength and hope to grow. >> mandela stepped into negotiations with fk declerk to bring multieration-ratial democracy. he was the first black president. >> so help me god. never, and never again, shall it be that this beautiful land will again experience the oppression of one or another. thousands of people have responded on our facebook page on the passing of mandela.
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you can join a conversation by going to ktvu chan 2 on facebook. bart apologized for yesterday's emergency that stranded 700 people in a smokey disabled train. the train came to a stop? the berkeley tunnel after a short circuit caused the brakes to engage. the train operator didn't know how to disengage the brake and officials say they have already taken action. >> we're going to provide some visual instructions for the operators on board the car if they ever have to cut out a parking break. >> bart officials say the cart filled with break smoke because they're located just behind the breaks. they'll be moved on the new cars bart is buying. an independent auditor is giving bart high marks of the shooting of the police officer. it's made solid progress from
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turning the agency to one based on accountability. a string of home burglaries in one east bay neighborhood, police believe the same person, a teenager is involved. we're live in the hercules area near fesant and falcon. >> reporter: if you take a look here, one of the victims posted flyers around here asks for help listing a number of the items stolen from his home including x boxes and a camera. >> it's disheartening. >> this hercules neighborhood is named as the birds because named after birds. it's making you think what's happening overnight. >> i just try to keep a watch of
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everything now. >> cash, jewelry and electronics were taken in a rash of burglaries from november 7th through the 30th. in every case, police found pry marks on the front or side garage door between 6 a.m. and 8:30 time. all of those happen during the day, probably somebody noting on working alone because -- somebody not working alone because they're taking computers. just this past saturday a family came home while the suspect was still inside of the house. >> gentleman left his family went into check and as he was going through the front door he saw there had been some ransacking and heard somebody in the back of the house. he immediately left and called the police. >> the suspect escaped and no one was hurt. >> reporter: police say base on the sightings and similarities between the case they believe
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the same person, a teenager about 15 or 16 is responsible. investigators say he may even live in this area. ktvu channel 2 news. a missing teenager from washington is prompted the chp to issue a statewide amber alert. 14-year-old elizabeth romero on the left, his name is eduardo rosales last seen driving a 2001 to 2003 hunter ford escape with washington temporary plates. these two photos are from surveillance footage of the suspect's vehicle. they believe the two could be heading to mexico. a shotgun is confiscated on a school campus, why some parents are complaining about what happened afterwards. >> and a murder case long cold
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about 2 dozen people protested outside a san jose mcdonalds as part of a nation wide movement to move the minimum wage to $15 an hour. it would make it impossible for restaurants to continue their role as job creators. minimum ranges from $5 to $9 an hour. >> the number of americans fell to a six-week low of
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unemployment benefits to 298,000. it's a hopeful sign more americans are getting jobs. a more accurate picture will come tomorrow when the monthly numbers are released. wall street closed down again, dropping 68 points, nasdaq dropped 4. the economy grew at 3.6%, higher than previously estimated. investigators are worried built fed that it may soon reduce its efforts. some scary moment where is a student brought a loaded shotgun to campus. no one was hurt, but parents were let down because of how the situation was handled. >> reporter: parents and students of phillip andal -- sala acsemademic school discovered a
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loaded sawed-off shotgun with extra alamo inside an unattended backpack. a 16-year-old student was pulled from class and admitted bringing the gun. he was arrested and faces multiple weapons charges. >> we don't have any information that was his intent at this time we believe he brought it for his own protection. >> police say the school did not need to be locked down because the weapon had been confiscated. a letter posted to the web site says no other students were involved and safety is a top priority. a administrators mailed the parents. >> what are the protocols? what's going to happen to make sure this won't occur again? they're doing a weapons check.
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school district officials did not return our calls. and an oakland man was rescued for rescuing the may be set on fire on an ac gus to help 18-year-old sasha fleishman. he was on his way home there work when the teen was set on fire. he used his sweatshirt with the help of another passenger to set our the fire. san jose police made step identified the victim in a two-decade victim. they found the body in january of 1994. it wasn't until october the state crime lab identified 17-year-old cory joanne master of pacifica. the lead detective was lauren baker, gunned down in the line of duty last february. a house fire claimed the
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life of one of two elderly residents. a newspaper delivery driver spotted the home on larkin near panorama drive. they rescued a man and woman inside, both in their 80s. >> they were just holding her. she looked so frail. >> so a firefighter had to carry her out? >> yes, yes. >> was she conscious? >> she didn't look like she was conscious to me. she looked unconscious. >> one of the two residents died at the hospital. their dog was rescued and re susz rescued. on bank croft avenue near san leandro high school, the fire appears to have started inside a first floor bathroom
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wall. and there is not enough evidence to charge james winston about the alleged attack. he led the seminoles to a number one ranking and is a front runner for the heisman. and the naming rights to part of the new campus stadium, the it will now be known as kabam field. known for games such as kingdoms of camelot will pay $18 million for 15 years of the three of the company's founders went to berkeley. and san francisco 49ers fans announced they'll be able to tailgate with a celebrity chef at the grill. the niners are teaming up with michael minnic to team up with the restaurant. it will be open daily. a members only indoor/outdoor restaurant will only be open on game day called tailgate. temperatures are plummeting fast out there.
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it's going to be cold. freeze warning in effect. napa, 26 degrees. cooler than it was last night at this time. napa last night got down to 19 degrees. 39 right now in santa a rosa. you know it's going to be back into the teens and 20s in the north bay valleys. it might be warmer tomorrow morning, a degree or two from 22 to 25. it's going to be slightly warmer. down right cold night. not just in the inland valleys, but in the urban areas, san francisco, down to 39. we had 31 degrees this morning out at the san francisco zoo by the on ocean. >> forecast overnight lows, 28 in concord, 38 in brentwood, 31 in san jose, all below freezing. it's going to be lots of frost everywhere tomorrow morning. there's going to be some ice, but after this rain comes in in, they'll be some black ice on
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friday and saturday morning. for the most part, it's pretty dry on the ground. as we head into late friday, this system comes in in, that's tomorrow afternoon sclash /evening, and then a chance for rain and snow. winter weather advisory for the hills of the santa cruz mountains and the east bay by hamilton and should be a winter effect advisory by the north hills, as well. the forecast model, friday morning, here it comes. there it is friday evening, and that's rain. remember now cold air is in place, so no will fall friday evening in some of the higher elevations. by saturday morning we're going to see dustings of snow on bay area peaks, on skyline boulevard, santa cruz mountains. 49 in santa rosa, 49 in vallejo.
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here's the deal. tomorrow, a lot like today. the real change is tomorrow night into saturday morning when you get that chance of showers. maybe some snow showers. and again, black ice, moisture in the area and freezing temperatures. so i'm back on channel 2 at 10:00. i'll have the latest models updated and ready to go. a coincidence at two girls at one school confront a deadly disease, of bringing a community together. and today's happy reunion for one family that never thought they'd see their long-lost pet again. and you can still watch ktvu newscast live on your computer, smart phone. go to or get the app. [ female announcer ] for those who love sweets your season is here. let's just call it the baking time of year. you need special ingredients. you need the staples for homemade.
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a free month couple -- freemont couple is reunited with their lost-long cat. they just moved from san jose to freemont when their cat disappeared. he was getting fed by neighbors only about a mile away. a new family took the stray to the shelter. dash's microchip led to the owners and you see a very happy
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reunion. in pacifica, the community is coming together to help two little girls both fighting cancer. 8-year-old bella was diagnosed with leukemia the day before thanksgiving, just a few days later, the family of 7-year-old annica johnson learned she has kidney cancer. friends started pages on the give forward site to help the two families. they've raised more than $30,000 in just three days. >> i'm just amazed and blown away by the community really coming together to support both of these families. >> we're told that both girls will miss school this year, but their prognosis is good. and the 2015 mustang rolled out in new york city today featuring a new tapered exterior design and a brushed aluminum interior and three engines to
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choose from, v 6, v 8 and a four cylinder model. the price has not been announced. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. i'm gasia mikaelian gm. a man attacked on a bay area bus. the assault was all over a game and the stitches to prove it. tmz is up next on tv 36. ♪ i love it!
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♪ i picked it out in a snap ♪ what made it genius ♪ was my camouflage wrap ♪ that's my kind of holiday >> today on "tmz" -- >> good news for some of us here. wendy's has a new burger. and it got somebody arrested. >> woman in georgia bit into her cheeseburger and there was a joint on top of the pickle. stuffed right in it. >> did she order it? >> i would like the 420 combo meal. [laughter] >> the story came out that kanye west commissioned one of warhol's family members to do this gigantic warhol-like painting of kim kardashian. problem is when it came out, kanye denied that he commissioned it. >> why are you giving somebody a warhol of themselves? >> you would not put a kim rd


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